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OnLive UK Goes Live On September 22nd, Freebies Up For Grabs

Matt Gardner
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OnLive UK Goes Live On September 22nd, Freebies Up For Grabs

Cloud gaming service OnLive will be celebrating its UK launch on September 22nd, kicking off Eurogamer Expo 2011 and giving away 'thousands of free systems to Eurogamer attendees', according to EG sister site GamesIndustry.biz.

'OnLive will utterly transform gaming in the UK,' suggested founder and CEO Steve Perlman. But then he would say that. 'No discs, big downloads or specialised hardware needed. OnLive gives you the latest games instantly, anytime, anywhere on HDTV, PC, Mac, as well as iPad, Android tablets. High-performance gaming as accessible as streaming video, with unique social features such as massive spectating with voice chat and Facebook integration.'

We here at Dealspwn are a little more sceptical. If gamers are already railing against the idea of permanent internet connections for DRM-heavy titles, one wonders what the reaction to an entirely internet-based service will be. One thing is for sure: giving away lots of free models for people to test out for themselves can only be a good thing...providing that the feedback is positive. With such a new idea, it's undoubtedly important to demonstrate the potential before widespread consumer investiture. Word of mouth and initial positive reactions will count for a lot we think.

OnLive membership will be free, and will give users access to demos, trailers and over a hundred games to rent or buy. Special initiatives like the OnLive Play Pack will give UK users the opportunity to pay a flat fee for access to over 70 games including titles such as Borderlands.

We'll be getting to grips with OnLive first-hand next week at Gamescom and chatting with a few members of the team, so we'll have more for you in a few days' time.


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nickclarkson  Aug. 11, 2011 at 11:43

"OnLive will utterly transform gaming in the UK"...weird, because it hasn't done so in the US.


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