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Opening Scenes | Bound By Flame Gameplay - First 25 Mins

Matt Gardner
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Opening Scenes | Bound By Flame Gameplay -  First 25 Mins

With the review coming later today, here's a look at the opening half hour from Spiders' new middle-tier RPG, Bound By Flame.

Focus and Spiders will no doubt be pleased with the level of hype that the game has garnered, far more than studio's last release -- Mars: War Logs -- ever received. But much of that is down to there being something of a hungering for a decent fantastical RPG. Taking cues most prominently from The Witcher and Dark Souls, Bound By Flame is arriving just in time to fill a gap, and deliver a timesink that we can use to fritter away the days until Watch Dogs finally releases.

It's worth noting that it's a decidedly last-gen game when it comes to the PS4 and PC version. It can go from looking moderately pretty one minute to downright ugly the next, and its appearance on PS4 is more of a courtesy than anything else. Don't expect it to blow your retinas out with eye-bulging beauty.

It's a clunky beast, with lots of little quirks, terrible voice acting and one or two odd bugs here and there, but it has a kind of goofy charm to it, and some of the one-liners are actually pretty funny. I'll go into more detail about the various aspects to the game in the review, but for now here are the opening scenes to Bound By Flame.

It's the gaming equivalent of a rather worthy B-movie.

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