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Opening Scenes | The Crew (Beta) - First 10 Mins Gameplay

Matt Gardner
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Destiny hasn't been the only beta to emerge this week, Ubisoft also launched their closed beta for The Crew.

I'd tell you all about it if I could, but unfortunately, The Crew's beta is riddled with bugs and crashes, and after completing the first mission or two, I was met with a black, frozen screen of death that the game now constantly loads into.


We do, however, have the opening scenes of The Crew captured for your perusal, mind, and you can laugh as I attempt to deal with the game's somewhat arcadey handling and crash into a barn.

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Jerec  Jul. 25, 2014 at 17:01

I hate that.

Pointless having "Drone" cars on the road when all they do is cause an annoyance, they don't crash, they don't react to your terrible driving.


Gimme Burnout any day.

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