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Opening Scenes | Dying Light Gameplay - First 30 Mins

Matt Gardner
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Dying Light is an odd game. Its story is rubbish, and its scripted missions are even worse, frequently railroading you into combat against men with machine guns when all you have is a bloodied table leg. But there's something to be said for the systems underpinning the game's world. Ignoring the script and going off-piste and just having fun with all of Dying Light's bells and whistles is actually a lot of fun. Ignore the clunky framing, and there's a wonkily brilliant sandbox to much around in, stuffed with the undead and things to climb.

Not that you see much of that in the game's opening scenes. Let's just say that it takes a little while to get going.

Nonetheless, here's a look at the game's introduction and the scene setting and instruction that comes with Dying Light's first half hour or so. The video above is bereft of commentary, but you can click here to see and hear me take on the game's first hour too if you like.

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