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Opening Scenes | Evoland - First 15 Mins

Matt Gardner
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Opening Scenes | Evoland - First 15 Mins

Originally conceived and created by Nicolas Cannasse for a Ludum Dare contest, Evoland is a truly curious little game. It's short, sweet, and through its 5-7 hour running time essentially takes the player on a journey through the history of role-playing action - from the action-oriented stylings of The Legend of Zelda to the turn-based shenanigans of Final Fantasy. From 8-bit nostalgia to HD glory. You trek around an ever-changing landscape, unlocking new features, new technologies, and new challenges.

The review is coming, as is a version of the vid below with commentary, but for the moment here's a peek at the game's opening 15 minutes.

Platforms: PC

Developer: Shiro Games

Publisher: Shiro Games

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