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Opening Scenes | Metro: Last Light Gameplay - First 20 Mins

Matt Gardner
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Metro: Last Light | Xbox 360

Opening Scenes | Metro: Last Light Gameplay - First 20 Mins

The original Metro 2033 was a flawed gem of a game. It wasn't quite polished to perfection, but 4A's take on Dmitry Glukhovsky's post-apocalyptic vision stood truly apart from its FPS peers. It was more survival horror than FPS at times, truth be told -- a game that boasted a cracking story, and an incredibly tense atmosphere.

And now it has a sequel.

Metro: Last Light released at the end of last week, we finally received our review copy through (the review itself will be coming later this week), and here's the first 20 minutes or so of the game in our latest in the series of Opening Scenes vids.

Platforms: PC | PS3 | Xbox 360 (reviewed)

Developer: 4A Games

Publisher: Deep Silver

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