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Opening Scenes | Unrest - First 15 Mins Gameplay

Matt Gardner
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Opening Scenes | Unrest - First 15 Mins Gameplay

Unrest is a conversation-heavy RPG, in which the responses you give to people and the choices you make are at the heart of things. The stage is set in a fantastical vision of ancient India, and instead of dealing in combat and inventory management, the game impresses on the player the importance of playing a role -- choosing to align its focus on characters who might find themselves overlooked in other games, and whose fates are predetermined thanks to a caste system.

Instead of an epic narrative involving gods and demons, Pyrodactyl Games’ have chosen to narrow their focus for the game down onto the civil unrest in one city, and the impact of a treaty to be signed between two factions rife with distrust for one another.

We've gone and captured the first 15-20 minutes of the game, without commentary, for you to check out. There'll be a review later on today.

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Zeipher  Jul. 24, 2014 at 11:31

Review now, please! :)

This looks interesting!

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