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Operation Flashpoint 2 £10.85 @shopto.net [Xbox 360 Games]

Marius Goubert
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Operation Flashpoint 2 £10.85 @shopto.net [Xbox 360 Games]Operation Flashpoint was one of the finest first person shooters on the PC, and while its console-friendly-sequel does have issues, Dragon Rising is well worth a look for anyone who’s interested in a shooter which takes a more strategic and realistic approach to modern warfare. The game can currently be picked up for just £10.85 from Shopto. This is a great deal for a relatively new game, and one which beats the next best price by around £2.10.

Unlike its predecessors which always featured a cold war scenario where Americans and Russians would kick off over some fictional chain of islands, Dragon Rising is set in a real world location. You form part of an American task force sent to repel a Chinese invasion attempting to seize control of the Alaskan Island of Skira. But while the idea sounds great, Skira is unfortunately one of the most mundane, dull landscapes I’ve ever seen in any game, and unlike the superb settings of games like Crysis, it’s not like you’ll be paying much attention to the view.

But that aside, the main problem is that the developers have done a bad job of streamlining the complexity of the original Flashpoint format. The orders system – which tries to combine Brothers in Arms and Ghost Recon - is cumbersome and awkward. The fact that you cannot collect weapons between missions or customize your squad’s equipment is disappointing, and so is the fact you can’t enter any vehicle you come across. To make matters worse, the game lacks an depth storyline and the missions are not very imaginative.

However Flashpoint 2 does retain some of the elements which made its predecessors so unique. You still have complete freedom when it comes to approaching objectives and the gameplay is still challenging. Spontaneously encountering enemies across the vast landscape keeps you on edge, and the gameplay doesn’t involve a long series of scripted events like Call of Duty. Had the developers opened things up like the original, and managed to get a grip on the orders system (something which, to be fair, Operation Flashpoint always struggled with) Dragon Rising had the potential to be truly great. As it stands however, DR ends up being little more than average.

Thanks to Richx45 from Hotukdeals.

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