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Operation Flashpoint 2 £4.99 @ Play [PC Games]

Tom Silkstone
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Operation Flashpoint 2 £4.99 @ Play [PC Games]

If you're fed up with having to pump round after round into your enemies to drop them to the ground, then you'll love the realism that Operation Flashpoint 2 brings to the war genre.

You can grab a copy of the game for £4.99 from Play, which is almost £2 cheaper than the next best offer of £6.97 coming in from Woolworths.

You lead a four man squad on varying missions, which all centre around the same rough objective of defeating your enemies, after being dropped onto an island where you can roam around without restrictions, also you needn't worry about having to stomp around on foot because you can jump into any vehicle you come across from jeeps to helicopters. However before you're set loose on your foes you have to prove yourself by navigating your way around the smaller training island.

Once you get into the main game you'll find that there are many ways to overcome the hostile forces you'll stumble across from creeping up on them to storming into the fray and raining down a hail of bullets. The AI is pretty efficient at dealing with your best combat tactics and they'll outflank you, switch to more effective weaponry, or start hurling grenades at you depending on the situation.

The game is far more realistic than some of the other shooter on the market and this forces you to plan out your attacks because if you're unprepared you'll be killed pretty quickly. A couple of shots'll utterly extinguish your life and there's a chance that even if you manage to dive behind some cover with minor wounds you'll bleed out. Also, sniping isn't just a case of lining up your target in the crosshairs, you'll have to take into account wind speed and bullet trajectory.

Unfortunately, it's hard to judge what equipment the other members of your squad'll be outfitted with as you can't choose what they'll be carrying, as a result you'll have to do your best with what the computer assigns you, whether that's silenced weaponry or full assault gear.

This is an amazing game that's definitely worth checking out and it's a steal at under £5.

Thanks to goonertillidie @ HUKD

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