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Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising £11.99 @ TheGameCollection [PC Games]

Marius Goubert
First person shooter, Operation Flashpoint, PC games

Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising £11.99 @ TheGameCollection [PC Games] With With Modern Warfare 2 having whipped the media up into a frenzy and caused more of a stir than an obscene phone call from Russell Brand, it’s not surprising that most of the other FPS titles released recently have been totally marginalised. Dragon Rising, latest addition to the Operation Flashpoint franchise, is a first person shooter title which has sunk without trace despite the fact it’s probably a lot more dynamic than the unstoppable money producing juggernaut which is Modern Warfare 2.

So if you MW2 was just a tad overrated and overhyped, Dragon Rising is a game which is definitely worth a punt, especially as the price for a PC version of the game has fallen to just £11.99 from The Game Collection. This is a nice deal considering the next best offer will set you back £16.99 from DVD.CO.UK.

However fans of the classic Operation Flashpoint series who’ve gone the distance with Lieutenant Armstrong (whatever nutter did that voice over has to officially be the worst actor of all time) will struggle to see any similarity between DR and the old OFP classics. OFP 2 seems more like an amalgamation of games like Brothers in Arms, Ghost Recon, and Counter Strike –  for the love of god, your squad can even ‘re-spawn’ – and seems to have lost that sense of extreme difficulty and extreme realism which made OHP both the most infuriating and the most rewarding game that I,  personally, have ever played.

Sadly, in an attempt to make this sequel console friendly, Codemasters have dumbed down pretty much everything. It tries to borrow the Brothers in Arms order system but it’s really unwieldy, and although the graphics are great, taking down enemies is awkward and just not as fun as it was in CWC. Plus you can’t get into vehicles at will which is a real let down. However, if you’re into your FPS titles and not a picky Operation Flashpoint veteran like me who, in truth, would probably lay into any big changes Codemasters made, you’re certain to get something good out of this one.Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising £11.99 @ TheGameCollection [PC Games]

Thanks to Adam2050 from Hotukdeals.

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OFI  Dec. 11, 2009 at 00:41

"your squad can even ‘re-spawn’ – and seems to have lost that sense of extreme difficulty and extreme realism"

You know the hardcore modes are there for that very reason don't you ;-)

The re-spawning is only on the easy modes.

That said the other bugs in this game just do my head in (360 version) spending two hours trawling through missions to find the auto-save didn't work, again, is not cool.

Nor is it fun to watch your own AI team jump in a vehicle and mow you down and then drag you down the road without evening thinking of slowing down..

A working MP system would be nice too.

Worth the money it is now but the guys who really looked forward to this and paid nearer RRP are all pretty gutted.


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