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Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising £13.95 @ My Memory [PS3 Games]

Lydia Low
Operation Flashpoint, PS3 games
Playstation 3

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising £13.95 @ My Memory [PS3 Games]

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is a great proposition for anyone who likes their shooters painfully realistic, offering a war simulation unlike pretty much any other.

My Memory are selling Dragon Rising for just £13.95, knocking £3 off the next best price of £16.96 from Shop To.

Dragon Rising is set on the fictional island of Skira, which is based upon Kiska in Alaska, in 2011. The plot is centred around the agreement between Russia and America to liberate the island from Communist China.

Overall the game tends to be viewed as both decent and a disappointment. The game really does give a great sense of realism which helps to keep the tension ramped up and the graphics are excellent. There's a good selection of weapons and vehicles to keep things interesting, while multiplayer modes are very entertaining and add to the game's lifespan considerably. The Co-Op mode in particular is great to get stuck into.

On the other hand the game can feel riddled with bugs and glitches and the AI can be very frustrating. And, while the graphics are of a very high standard, the setting is extremely dull and monotonous and it is hard to be wowed by a palette of endless washed out green and brown. The missions are fairly repetitive and there is little effort made to give characterisation to any of your squad members, making it hard to connect with the game emotionally.Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising £13.95 @ My Memory [PS3 Games]

This is definitely not a game for everyone but if slow, tactical and tense play is more your thing than trigger happy mania, you may find Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising to your taste.

Thanks to WRXiceman at Hotukdeals!

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Blacklodge  Feb. 9, 2010 at 08:48

This is now back up to £17.95 and is also out of stock. Its a fantastic game. So good I bought it twice.

Blacklodge  Feb. 9, 2010 at 08:50

Shopto is now cheapest at £16.95. Pick up DeadSpace while you're there for only £9.75. Go on - you've earned it. And together still cheaper than Dante's Inferno.

Lydia  Feb. 9, 2010 at 13:17

Great advice! Dead Space is awesome.


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