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Operaton Flashpoint: Dragon Rising £27 instore @ ASDA [Xbox 360/PS3 Games]

Marius Goubert
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Operaton Flashpoint: Dragon Rising £27 instore @ ASDA [Xbox 360/PS3 Games]It’s finally out! And being one obsessive, diehard fan of the Operation Flashpoint series who has sucked away years of their life brutally maiming communists in one of most realistic combat simulators ever, I for one have been waiting this sequel for so long! In fact, given that Codemasters delayed OFP: 2 time after time it almost seemed like the damn thing was never going to be released.

However it is here at last, and according to the Daily Star, will be available in most Asda stores as of midnight tonight priced just £27. According to price comparison this is the cheapest price currently available with the next best deal coming in at almost £30 from Shopto.

The story behind Operation Flashpoint 2 is fairly simple; once again pitting East against West and Communist against capitalist. Now, since the fall of the Soviet Union America and Russia are on good terms, and on behalf of the Russian government the Americans agree to step in and liberate the remote Island of Skira from the Chinese. So it’s the same old ‘remote island’ Flashpoint scenario we’ve all seen before, but the interesting thing about the setting for FP2 is that it’s actually real.

Skira is a remote Island situated in Alaska and the developers of Flashpoint 2 have faithfully recreated the whole thing to scale, with every topographical feature true to life. Within this environment of realistic natural terrain, the player must coordinate their various missions - with every shell hold, crater, destroyed vehicle etc all remaining from mission to mission. This of course gives a very realistic feel regarding the way a modern war devastates the landscape.

One top of this the designers have given the Flashpoint AI system a complete overhaul. No longer will your men blindly run at machine guns, in fact, if your abilities as a commander are really that atrocious, they may refuse to follow your orders and even shoot you. But, despite all of this, I for one am slightly dubious as to how well a tactical FPS game like Flashpoint will translate onto the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Flashpoint was originally a fairly niche PC game which only really appealed to gamers looking for realism – and who had PC’s powerful enough to run it. Console gamers used to slightly more linear, cinematic FPS titles like COD4: Modern Warfare may find Flashpoint a complete nightmare. Indeed, logistically, the game can be a bit overwhelming. It often requires you to cover huge distances on foot between objectives which involves long periods of just running about without any action at all.

Also, given the game’s emphasis on realism, you can only take one or two bullets before you die. This means that after you’ve sorted out all of your weapons, planned your approach, run about two miles on foot with your squad, you sometimes find yourself cut down after only catching a glimpse of the enemy up ahead. So it’s a game which, while obsessing some, will undoubtedly infuriate others…

Thanks to Kearns from Hotukdeals…

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Lydia Low  Oct. 8, 2009 at 13:20

Not normally My Sort of Thing but i am pretty darn excited for this because one of my best friends spent the last year working herself to the bone for this game on the QA team :O)

McBastad  Oct. 8, 2009 at 15:11

This game sucks poopoo. Honestly, for real. No jokes. Being serious here. No, really, I mean it. Swear my cat's life on it.


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