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The Orange Box £12.87 @ Base [XBox 360 Games]

Lydia Low
First person shooter, The Orange Box, Xbox 360 games
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The Orange Box £12.87 @ Base [XBox 360 Games]

Even at full price, The Orange Box felt like a steal. Not only do you get three excellent new games but the package also gets you up to speed with the previous instalments of Half Life 2 in case you are new to the series. It really is a phenomenal package and, although all three games run on the same engine, offers a great variety of gameplay.

Base.com are currently offering the title for just £12.87 including p&p, which is £1 off the next best price.

I bought The Orange Box on the basis of it including the new Half Life 2 instalment and receiving such high praise everywhere. Episode 2 certainly does not disappoint. It plays rather like a mix between HL2 and Episode One - a great combination of furious action and narrative driven elements and all-in-all probably the most fun part of the series so far.

The other games seemed to me mere bonus material, until I came to play Portal that is. It is by no means the most vast game in the world but it is amazing how much genius is packed into a few hours of play. It is intelligent, hilarious, pretty damn creepy at times and I felt like my brain was being a far better training that it had ever received from any mini game collection. I miss my companion cube :O(

I have barely touched Team Fortress to be honest but more because I feel very shy of online gaming (particularly multiplayer first person shooters) than because there is anything wrong with the game. By all accounts this is another excellent addition to the disc and has received high praise for its unusual and high quality artistry.

If you are reading this post then either you are incredibly bored (in which case, may I suggest a book?) or you are a fan of computer games. If the latter is true then you are bound to find something on this great compilation to suit you and there's a pretty good chance you'll love it all.

Thanks to pgoodson87 from Hotukdeals!

The Orange Box £12.87 @ Base [XBox 360 Games]

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Lumoruk  Sep. 22, 2009 at 17:06

[I]"I have barely touched Team Fortress to be honest but more because I feel very shy of online gaming"[I] - I think you meant to write, "because you're rubbish"

pgoodson87  Sep. 23, 2009 at 10:17

Thanks for the mention Lydia :)


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