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The Order: 1886 reveals its smarter, scarier Werewolves

Jonathan Lester
PS4 games, Ready at Dawn

The Order: 1886 reveals its smarter, scarier Werewolves

The Order: 1866 didn't exactly cover itself in glory during Sony's E3 press conference. One could argue that it covered itself in something else entirely.

Despite boasting exceptional world-building, gorgeous steampunk art direction, lore and cinematic gameplay, Ready At Dawn decided to show off a few minutes of tedious Quick Time Events set in a basement. Unless you're a fan of basements and QTEs -- you decidedly odd individual -- the wait for the delayed PS4 exclusive suddenly became a lot easier to bear.

Thankfully Ready At Dawn are now ready to give us a proper introduction to the new Lycan enemy we met in that dingy demesne, by way of an explanatory video that details how the team looked at traditional werewolf legends to create an enemy with both bestial ferocity and cunning intelligence. All worth bearing in mind as we gun them down by the packload with thermite rifles in the seamy Neo-London streets.

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