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Origin Summer Sale Round-up

Carl Phillips
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Origin Summer Sale Round-up

Not to be outdone, Origin have started their own Summer Sale by halving the price on several of their games. Not every title listed is a bargain (Mass Effect 3 can be found cheaper elsewhere) but we’ve got the highlights of the offerings below.

Battlefield 3 | £19.99

Although the single player campaign was par-for-the-course in many respects, DICE’s heavyweight FPS provides one of the best online experiences around, especially in the case of the PC version. Discounted “Shortcut” booster packs are also available if you don’t want to catch up the old fashioned way.

Origin Summer Sale Round-up

Syndicate | £7.49

While I couldn’t recommend this at full price, this is definitely worth a look now it has fallen below the £10 mark. While it didn’t quite hit the mark in its execution, the main campaign is a fun if fairly short experience, with the co-op providing some lasting appeal.

Origin Summer Sale Round-up

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning | £9.99

It looks highly unlikely that we won’t be getting any form of sequel, but Amalur is worth a look if you want an action-packed RPG. With plenty of content and things to do in this, it could be a tenner well spent.

Origin Summer Sale Round-up

Dragon Age II | £7.49

While it certainly wasn’t a sequel worthy of its predecessor, Dragon Age II managed to get the combat right (on PC at least.) Sadly, everything else was a clearly rushed affair that dragged the experience down. For the current price though, it could be an opportunity for you to continue your adventures in Thedas.

Origin Summer Sale Round-up

You have up until August 18th to grab any of these if they take your fancy. To check out the full list of current offers head over to Origin by clicking on the link here.

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socialjeebus  Jul. 13, 2012 at 15:33


This makes David DeMartini look even more of a ****...


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