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OUYA Out Of Design Phase, Into Testing

Jonathan Lester
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OUYA Out Of Design Phase, Into Testing

Android Jelly Bean Confirmed, Dev Kits Set For December

The latest OUYA backer update states that the crowd-funding console has entered the Engineering Verification Testing phase, with the first development run of PCBs now undergoing rigorous testing. The hardware design has been finalised, with dev kits on course for a December rollout, and the newest version of Android will act as the OS.

"We’re still going full-steam ahead," reads Julie Uhrman's update. "We’ve been refining OUYA’s hardware design (cosmetics, mechanicals, electricals, thermals etc.). We’ve spent most of this time in the design phase, as getting it right up front saves us a lot of redesign and iteration later. We’ve had some of the best engineers and designers take a look at every design element and fine tune it... we moved out of the design phase and into development a couple of weeks ago."

OUYA Out Of Design Phase, Into Testing

Gosh, that's a tiny quad-core PCB

"It’s pretty amazing how our engineers have packed in Quad-Core awesomeness into such an unbelievably small package (any guesses on how small the PCB actually is?). All the hard work in refining the design has paid off in spades -- the first boards came to life without any hitches, and we’re now fine tuning software and hardware performance for graphics, wireless, and user experience! W00t."

"We are now in what’s referred to in the industry as the EVT (Engineering Verification Testing) phase."

Uhrman and the team expect the dev kits to be ready by December 2012, which will run on Android Jelly Bean. "So long, Ice Cream Sandwich."

If you Kickstarted the Ouya and reserved a username, expect to be officially issued with your tag "within the next few weeks."

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Late  Nov. 1, 2012 at 15:45

Really looking forward to this.
Loving android big style at the moment, and I've been wanting xbmc for a long while, so this should be the perfect little package.

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