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OUYA Will Lack Online Chat & Friends Lists At Launch

Jonathan Lester

OUYA Will Lack Online Chat & Friends Lists At Launch

The OUYA will start shipping to Kickstarter backers on March 28th, but will apparently launch without a few online features.

Destructoid reports that online multiplayer will be up and running for the Ouya's launch, but online chat, friends lists, and achievements will be added at a later date. This follows confusion over whether the tiny Android console would support synchronous online multiplayer from release.

We'll bring you a hardware review of the Ouya once our console arrives. Did you Kickstart Uhrman's "disruptive" little cube?

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Late  Mar. 12, 2013 at 13:11

Fair enough. So long as the hardware's reasonable, and the online infrastructure is reasonable then I'd imagine it'd be pretty easy to patch in later. And there might be independent versions you can get in the interim.

Really looking forward to the OUYA - it has massive potential. So much depends, though, on how the "app market" works. I'm guessing they'll be using their own, rather than Google Play, as each game will presumably be tweaked or customised for the console.

I'm not willing to take a financial gamble on it, though. No kickstarter from me, and I imagine I'll be waiting at least a couple of weeks after public release before placing my order. Too many unanswered questions at the moment...



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