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Overlockers drop prices on MSI's Gaming Editions of 780 / 780Ti / 770 Graphics cards - Upgrading? Now is the time!

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Overlockers drop prices on MSI's Gaming Editions of 780 / 780Ti / 770 Graphics cards - Upgrading? Now is the time!

If you're looking to upgrade your GPU ready for this year's big releases, then now is the time! Games are getting more and more demanding and the same goes for the asking prices of graphics cards.

With the specifications of games like Fallout 4 and Star Wars Battlefront, making it more difficult for ageing GPUs to keep up with the extra details and frame rates. These deals may indeed be just what you need at a very tempting price point.

The GTX 780 is a cracking card for 1080p gaming and in fact, served me very well at 2560 x 1080 (Ultrawide) without losing too many frames at all!

  • 3GB MSI GTX 780 Gaming Edition OC £169.99 - Here
  • 3GB MSI GTX 780 Ti Gaming LE 3GB - £229.99 - Here

If you're really looking to spend less but still get great bang for your buck, you may want to consider some of the MSI GTX 770 options. You'll get less Vram and power to play with, but that doesn't mean you should write them off at these prices!

  • 2GB MSI GTX770 Gaming Edition at £109.99 - Here
  • 2GB MSI GTX770 Gaming Factory OC'd 2GB: £115.99 - Here
  • 2GB MSI GTX770 Lightning 2GB: £129.95 - Here

All of these cards are great for 1080p gaming, although if you ask me, the 3GB cards are the way to go for longevity, simply because of the pure hunger for Vram by newer titles. If you are pushing higher resolutions (1440+) you could always consider:

  • The factory overclocked 6GB MSI Geforce GTX 780 Gaming Edition at £229.99 - Here

OCUK typically charges £9.99 delivery on all of these cards, although that shouldn't really be a deal breaker the moment! Alternatively, you could save up and wait to see what the long awaited 'Pascal' brings to the table. As a PC gamer I feel for anyone waiting for new components, because as soon as we buy them... there is something else we want! What are you guys running in your gaming PCs at the moment?

Thanks to JayZander over at HUKD for the heads up!

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greysquaill  Oct. 18, 2015 at 02:41

Nice. I remember the 780ti was my dream GPU when I was building my current PC. Just couldn't justify spending £500 at the time. £230 is an amazing price now.

I ended up getting a MSI 290 Gaming Edition instead as that was £280 back about 18 months ago. No regrets as it seems to have aged rather well. Waiting to see more of what my card can do with Directx 12 otherwise I would have been tempted to go for the 780ti still.


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