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Overlord Complete Collection £6.25 @ Steam [PC Game Download]

Lydia Low
Overlord, PC games, Real time strategy, Role playing game

Overlord Complete Collection £6.25 @ Steam [PC Game Download]

The black humour filled Overlord titles offer a unique blend of rpg and real time strategy elements in a series that gives you a swathe of overworldly minions to cater to your every whim.

If you don't fancy the complete set then Steam's individual deals are still worth a look: you can get the original Overlord for just £1.50, Overlord 2 for £5 and the expansion pack Overlord: Raising Hell for £2.50. For just Overlord and Overlord 2 alone, you are looking at paying at least £14.47 for a physical copy and other direct download sites will charge you even more than that. For example, the cheapest way to pick up the same bundle from Direct2Drive will set you back £39.94!

Overlord offers a refreshing spin on the high fantasy genre by placing you in charge of the arch villain Overlord, terror of the land, and his horde of goblin-like minions. There is a corruption element that allows you to make your choice of allegiance between evil and, um ...really evil with consequences in the gameplay. Throughout the series there is a strong emphasis on dark humour and the dissassembly of established tropes.

In the highly rated original Overlord you must battle to overcome the seven corrupt rulers and restake your claim on the lands and its inhabitants. Overlord: Raising Hell is an expansion for this original game which introduces the concepts of Abysses which open up in each of the five kingdoms of the land and swallow up any inhabitant foolish enough to wander in. The Overlord can obtain control of these Abysses by entering and capturing the Abyss stone after fighting through the enemies within. Finally, Overlord II is the full sequel to the original which follows directly on from its predecessor with a new Overlord battling for power against the Roman-style Glorious Empire. Written by Terry Pratchett's daughter Rhianna Pratchett, the sequel offers the same dark humour and satirical tone as the original.

These games are by no means perfect. The AI in the first title could use some work and the multiplayer is seriously lacking, so there is little reason to play through more once. Also, despite the promise of an opportunity to be "really evil", a lot of what you are doing will feel awfully similar to the average hero's quest. Most critics are agreed that the sequel was something of a step down with none of the issues of the first title properly addressed and a number of new issues to contend with.

However, the Overlord titles offer a kind of fun that you will not find elsewhere and the original game is particularly worthy of a chance at less than the price of a cup of coffee. The Overlord himself is the strong silent type but the minions offer a whole heap of charm and entertainment with their gloriously stupid antics. While the multiplayer is not much cop, the main campaign is lengthy and offers a good variety of enjoyable gameplay.Overlord Complete Collection £6.25 @ Steam [PC Game Download]

So if you have got space in your schedule amongst all the massive recent and upcoming releases, you may want to arrange a slot for this little bargain.

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Khrest  Nov. 16, 2009 at 18:29

I cant see Overload 1 for £1.50; otherwise it would be worth a punt judging by the review scores for it. It looks like the offer has ended so I guess the Dealspwn was a bit late...


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