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Overlord II £9.99 @ Play [PS3 Games]

Lydia Low
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Overlord II £9.99 @ Play [PS3 Games]

Rhianna Daughter-of-Terry Pratchett's Overlord II was only released this year, yet has already dropped to the sub £10 mark, possibly because it is a distinctly average adventure.

Play are selling it for just £9.99, nearly £3 less than the next best price of £12.73 from The Hut.

A generation after the events of the first Overlord and those naughty little Minions have developed in leaps and bounds with a whole host of new abilities that add some much needed fun to the underwhelming title. With the original Overlord remaining AWOL, it's up to his son, The Overlad to take on the mantel and become the new leader of the Minions. However this new Overlord is just as impassive as the last and so it is up to the Minions to provide the entertainment.

There is some fun to be found in the enjoyable British humour and in watching the Minions go about their wicked activities but sadly their AI is pretty poor at times and the camera causes a lot of problems, meaning that this joy is generally hampered by frustration. The graphics are decent enough but nothing special and suffer from the odd bug. All in all it does not feel like a whole lot of love, time or effort went into the title, which is a shame because there is real potential here.Overlord II £9.99 @ Play [PS3 Games]

Sadly the games issues and dodgy reputation means that even if you are a fan and fancy some online multiplayer action, you are likely to be disappointed as there is next to no online community for Overlord II whatsoever.

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