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OXM Mass Effect 3 Preview Scanned, Uploaded, Devoured

Felix Kemp
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Mass Effect 3

OXM Mass Effect 3 Preview Scanned, Uploaded, Devoured

I have a lot of respect for the few industry magazines still going at it; especially when all their hard work writing, arranging and - of course - printing the damn thing is then scanned by some intrepid forumgoer who uploads it to the net where fans can feast on its doubled remains without having to spend any money. As I say, I have a lot of respect for them, and as such we won't be posting images from the Official Xbox Magazine's latest expose on Mass Effect 3. However, if you do want to have a peek...

OXM's preview sheds a little light on quite a few details already revealed but not elaborated on. For instance, we knew each weapon is now customizable with slots to fill, but how many? Three slots, reveals OXM, for the barrel, scope and so forth. Bioware have also revealed you won't be starting from scratch with your powers at the beginning of Mass Effect 3; instead, as long as you have a working save file for the game to go off, you'll inherit all your old traits which can then be built upon.

A brief but revealing interview with senior designer, Christina Norman, gives us a better insight into how Bioware is improving the game's combat in Mass Effect 3. According to Norman, it won't be as big a step forward as ME 1 to 2, but the numerous small improvements and additions - like the ability to sprint out of cover, roll or mantle over obstacles and the ability to fire from cover without sighting - mean it's the tightest, most enjoyable system yet.

We're also greeted to a better look at the new Cerberus forces Shepard will encounter along his galaxy-wide adventures. Former allies, now foe, Cerberus shock-troopers apparently come in three varieties. A beefy grunt in battle-worn armour, the standard spec ops units who're dispatched in packs and - most excitingly - an elite unit seemingly ripped from Kojima's rampant imagination, replete with form-fitting exoskeleton suit and futuristic katana.

It's all very sweat-inducing stuff, but I suggest you do OXM a favor and head to your local shop and grab a copy. Go on, it's in the interest of journalism! And, yes, I'm very aware as to how hypocritical it is to suggest that and then show you all this. Very aware... [Gamenyusu]

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