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Painkiller Black Edition | £1.78 | Green Man Gaming | PC

Carl Phillips
Dreamcatcher Interactive, FPS games, PC games, People Can Fly
Painkiller | PC

Painkiller Black Edition | £1.78 | Green Man Gaming | PC

Those of you looking for some simple gratification from a FPS that doesn’t involve you being a marine should check this one out. Green Man Gaming are have lowered their price for this underrated shooter to less than £2, making it over more than £4 cheaper than the next best deal coming from Good Old Games. The Black Edition contains the original release along with the Battle Out of Hell expansion pack, and comes with map and editing tools for the modder in you. As for the game itself, Painkiller is brainless fun that harks back the days of the original Quake. It’s also probably the only game in which you will get to fire a gun that shoots shurikens and lightning. Just saying. Thanks to Cal. @ HUKD!

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JonLester  Aug. 3, 2011 at 11:39

Great deal, great game. I'd also highly recommend downloading XPadder and using an Xbox 360 controller with it, as a gamepad compliments the arcade style shenanigans very nicely indeed.


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