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Best party game - Xbox?

marytaylor1977 |  Dec. 5, 2011 at 19:17

Good party game for xbox 360. Hosting a family get together and want something that you can sort of tag in and out of. Any suggestions?

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Late  Dec. 7, 2011 at 11:11

Largely depends on a number of things you've not mentioned (such as what sort of get together it is, how old the guests are, whether system link is an option, whether you have Kinnect) but I'll have a pop at a few suggestions - with a brief description of each - I have no idea how familiar you are with each genre...

"Scene It" games - 4 players on one console, quiz show format (get a version with the buzzers included) based on films. Better for slightly longer games rather than drop-in/drop-out. Friendly and intuitive for people not normally familiar with console gaming.

"Call of Duty" games - up to 4 players on one console, first person shooters. Newcomers to the console/genre will struggle against more experienced gamers, perhaps making it less fun.

"Street Fighter", "Dead or Alive", "Tekken" games - usually 2 players, side-on beat-em-up. Great for winner-stays-on sort of play, and doesn't punish newcomers all that much as they'll enjoy button-bashing.

"Blur" - driving game, with up to 4 player split screen. Plays like a grown up sort of Mario Kart.

"Bomberman" - up to 4 players on one console/screen. Relatively simple to learn the ropes but sill fun for old hands (and I think there's a handicap system you can use if you want/need to balance things a bit).

"Guitar Hero", "Rock Band", etc - up to 4 players, and each can be playing a different difficulty level depending on their skill - great fun pretty much guaranteed. But expensive if you don't currently have any instruments and need to now buy a guitar or two, a mic, and a drum kit...

"FIFA", "Pro Evolution Soccer" - footy games, up to 4 players. As with COD, newcomers can be expected to struggle against more experienced players.

I'm sure there's loads of other suggestions (and I can't help on Kinnect as I don't have it) but I've tried to cover as many genres as possible there - hopefully there's some suggestions that'll help.
Enjoy your party!

bargainboy  Dec. 9, 2011 at 15:25

Good party game for xbox 360. Hosting a family get together and want something that you can sort of tag in and out of. Any suggestions?

If you have kinect you're spoilt for choice, but the best I can suggest are:-

The Kinect Adventures game that comes with Kinect.
Dance Central (1 or 2).
Kinect Sports (1 or 2)
and Fruit Ninja (which is an XBLA game).

*If you have a group of youngsters (although it's done really well and addictive for any age believe me!) then the new Kinect Disneyland Adventures is also well worth picking up!

Those will keep a group busy for hours!


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