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From Black Ops Blackbird to Pathetic Piracy - News Roundup 11th May 2010

Jonathan Lester
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New COD: Black Ops Details Sneak Out

From Black Ops Blackbird to Pathetic Piracy - News Roundup 11th May 2010

Whilst the interwebs have been buzzing with Black Ops predictions since the recent trailer, details have been fairly thin on the ground. Luckily, USA Today has managed to score some hands-on impressions of Treyarch's upcoming FPS.

Black Ops will indeed be set in the Cold War era, with the player leading an elite team of operatives as they combat the threat of global communism in several exotic locations. Russia, Vietnam and Cuba will all provide the canvas for your cinematic gunfights and sneaky sniping.

The demo level, entitled WMD, takes place over the Ural mountains in Soviet Russia. Notice that I said over the Urals, because you'll start the level ensconced in the cockpit of an SR71 Blackbird, using simple contextual commands to guide your squad through a series of enemy controls and checkpoints. After some light RTS action, you'll rejoin your squad and take down and relay station deep in enemy territory using stealth, cunning and some sweet new armaments.

New weapons include a scoped crossbow for silent long range kills and a customisable AUG assault rifle (suggesting that we'll be able to tinker with our boomsticks this time around)- along with alternate ammo types. A 2-4 player cooperative mode has also been announced, letting us team up and take down the communists with some serious squad tactics.

Excited? Not half. We'll be keeping a close eye on this one. Why not browse through our recent Game Buzz to psyche yourself up for the winter of war? [USA Today]

New Super Mario Galaxy 2 Promo Vid

Early reviews indicate that Super Mario Galaxy 2's very good indeed (as if there was every any doubt), and a new Japanese promo vid gives us a lengthy and luscious look at the new gameplay. It's classic Nintendo through and through- time to dust the cobwebs off of your Wiis and get back into practice! Check it out below... and rejoice, Ninty fans. [Thanks, GoNintendo and VG247]

25% of Humble Indie Bundle Downloaders...

From Black Ops Blackbird to Pathetic Piracy - News Roundup 11th May 2010

5 Indie Developers recently teamed up to bring us the Humble Indie Bundle, a beautiful package of five fantastic games that shot radiant beams of unadulterated gaming joy straight into the pleasure centre of the brain. Whilst the five games retailed separately for over $80, Wolfire Games allowed us to pay what we want for the bundle, literally letting us donate whatever we could afford for the privilege. Not only that, but they even shared their profits with two charities.

But apparently, that wasn't enough for some people. According to Wolfire's latest blog post, over 25% of the bundle downloads were obtained by pirating links from forums, taking advantage of the bundle's lack of DRM and Wolfire's generosity.

I'm going to take a deep breath... and incoherently rant say this as calmly as possible. Shame on you, pirates. SHAME. Were you too strapped for cash to to spare a quid for some hardworking independent developers? Couldn't be bothered to dig around behind the sofa and donate a few pence to charity?! One single penny, even?! Thanks for soiling a good faith charity venture, you pathetic weasels.

However, Wolfire Games President Jeff Rosen is taking the high road on this one. Rather than condemn the pirates, he's simply asked that they download their copies from torrent sites rather than clutter up Wolfire's bandwidth. Not only that, but Wolfire's still committed to providing a DRM-free service. That's a class act, folks- and we hope that they'll continue to promote great games and support indie devs despite the actions of several small-minded, pathetic parasites. [Wolfire Games]

Psyched for Black Ops? Pissed off by pirates? Have your say or bring the rain in the comments!

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Matt Gardner  May. 11, 2010 at 16:09

Frankly disgusting actions in relation to the Humble Indie Bundle from the pirates...but hats off and a standing ovation to Jeff Rosen for being incredibly calm about the whole thing:

"How many legitimate users is it ok to inconvenience in order to reduce piracy?" The answer should be none."

Ubisoft could learn a thing or two from this guy. Mind you, DRM wouldn't be 'necessary' if it wasn't for things like this. Incredibly disheartening that when a barnstormingly good deal like this comes along a small minority still have to piss on the parade.

ODB  May. 11, 2010 at 17:05


getting moist at thought of Black Ops

Spark  May. 11, 2010 at 18:08

Fuckinghell, if you want to pirate the latest £40 Activision title or bypass Ubisoft's quite frankly bullshit DRM then that's one thing but to steal this when you could have just gotten it legitimately for 1 pence is fucking ridiculous.

Spark  May. 11, 2010 at 18:08

Black Ops will be crap.

All Treyarch games are crap.

ODB  May. 12, 2010 at 09:43

yet WaW was actually rather good and more fun that MW2

ODB  May. 12, 2010 at 09:44


Nazi Zombies

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