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Pay just £10.99 for the privilege of Angry Birds: Star Wars on your PS4

Matt Gardner
Angry Birds: Star Wars, PS4 games, Puzzle games

Pay just £10.99 for the privilege of Angry Birds: Star Wars on your PS4

Angry Birds: Star Wars now super cheap and deal-icious at £10.99 on PS4. Click here to throw your money away >>

If you absolutely must have Angry Birds: Star Wars on your PS4, well, this is probably the best price you're going to get. For some bizarre reason, it's still commanding a high price at most other retailers. I can't really say if the 20 extra levels you get with the console version are worth the extra outlay, but it's Angry Birds on your TV! Which is apparently what Activision's focus testing has evidently proved that we all want. Cheers to VincentGO for the tip!

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Late  Dec. 23, 2014 at 16:16

Knock another ten quid off that price and I might be interested. Might.
(On the One, of course, as I don't have a ps4.)

It's a game that's designed for touchscreens. It's all about the touchscreen.
And it's completely free on your touchscreen device.

Not sure why anyone would want to pay more than a quid to play it on a platform it's not really suited to.

Crazy Jamie  Dec. 23, 2014 at 21:21

Agree with everything that Late says. More to the point, it is a game that was first released in 2009 and has fundamentally advanced very little. If you're forced to resort to this to get your kicks on a 'next generation' console and that doesn't say too much about the games library that you're working with. It could arguably be good for kids and such, but again I can't imagine why they would prefer to play on a big tv with a restrictive control system when they can access a touch screen version quicker and easier.


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