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Pay what you want for Star Nomad at IndieGameStand

Jonathan Lester
Indie Games, PC games, Star Nomad

Pay what you want for Star Nomad at IndieGameStand

Star Nomad | IndieGameStand | PWYW (RRP: £2.75)

IndieGameStand's current deal is Star Nomad: a spacebound RTS/RPG that takes an open sandboxy approach to space privateering. The controls are a little clumsy, seeing as it's originally designed for touch devices, but you're not exactly breaking the bank on this one.

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Halfgeek  Oct. 3, 2014 at 00:15

It's designed for all devices, including proper mouse/keyboard shortcut support as well as touch. :)

IndieGameMag reviewed it and commented on this point:
"Controls are easy, all you need to do is point and click. Entering stations is handled by a mere click, activating such attacks are handled by clicking on the icon. It’s super simple, and much appreciated, seeing as how you have plenty of other things to learn and master, so there’s no need for the controls to get in the way."

JonLester  Oct. 3, 2014 at 09:58

Thanks for the update, Halfgeek! :)

(And for the game and discount too, I suppose!)

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