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New PC & Indie Games Show Rezzed Heads To Brighton This July

Jonathan Lester
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New PC & Indie Games Show Rezzed Heads To Brighton This July

With the PC once again in ascendancy and Indie games (brilliantly) becoming an ever more important part of the gaming landscape, the Eurogamer Network has announced a new show focusing on the best that the PC and independent gaming crowd has to offer. Rezzed will take place at the Brighton Centre between Friday, July 6 and Saturday, July 7, showcasing everything from Aliens: Colonial Marines to smaller, left-field experiences.

As well as dev sessions, panels and a showcase of imaginative indie titles (courtesy of SEGA's Leftfield Collection), Rezzed will feature retro game tournaments such as Quake II and DN3D, and a massive PC vendor area where attendees can pick up the latest hardware.

Following last year’s hugely successful fourth Eurogamer Expo, we’re broadening our horizons for 2012 by introducing a new summer event to highlight the best of PC and indie games.

PC and indie games are enjoying huge success now after years in the ascendancy and we want to draw more attention to that fact and give people the opportunity to get up close to the biggest names and games before they’re released. - Eurogamer boss Rupert Loman

Creative Assembly, Gearbox and The Indie Stone have all confirmed attendance, and we're delighted to see a once-niche avenue of gaming getting its very own social hub. Tickets are on sale now.

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