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The PC Version Of Fable 3 Removes "the limits that the Xbox 360 imposed"

Tom Silkstone
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Fable III

The PC Version Of Fable 3 Removes "the limits that the Xbox 360 imposed"

The PC version of Fable 3's out in a couple of days and according to Lionhead Studios Senior Designer, Mike West, and their Lead Engine Coder, Don Williamson, it's worth the wait because it's given them the time to craft it towards perfection.

When quizzed on the delay between the console version and its PC counterpart during an interview with BeefJack, Mr. West had this to say:

I remember the very first meeting we had about making the PC version of Fable III which went along the lines of "if we are making a PC game, then we are doing it properly." There are lots of PC gamers at Lionhead, and we know as well as anyone how annoying console ports can be, when lists are displayed and you can't select things with a mouse, or you have to select the 'back' key instead of pressing escape. The complete conversion to PC was the main factor that meant the PC version slipped to 2011 - if a gamer buys a game, they should expect that it has been developed for their platform, not rushed out to meet a publisher's deadline.

Albion's meant to look pretty impressive on the PC and I'll let Mr. Williamson fill you in on the graphical improvements:

We spent a lot of time taking the many engine features and making them configurable dependent upon platform. The water was improved to render more world detail into its reflections, while at the same time being broken down into several render modes that accounted for lower-spec machines. Texture pools were increased to get more detail, draw distances were ramped up, shadow resolution was increased, tree billboards were pushed further into the distance, texture filtering was improved, etc. The source assets didn't change much beyond some parameter tweaking for increased quality. Because our artists originally authored their assets at such a high quality, removing the limits that the Xbox 360 imposed upon us immediately made the game look better.

If you want to see the changes that have been made and you've got a decent gaming rig to show off all the visuals, the PC version of Fable 3 hits shop shelves on 20th May.

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