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Take A Peek At The New Driver: San Francisco Trailer. Before It Crashes

Felix Kemp
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Take A Peek At The New Driver: San Francisco Trailer. Before It Crashes

Driver: San Francisco is a big bet for Ubisoft, who're being more than a little bit bold with their reinvention of the series, nay, even the genre itself. Allowing players to possess any automobile they can see opens the game up to variety of wacky, anarchic experiences. But don't forget; Driver: San Francisco has a story, too, and Ubisoft is intent on reminding you of this, dropping a new trailer onto the web.

Cut to The Heavy's 'How You Like Me Now?', the pre-rendered trailer strikes a decidedly retro tone, harkening back to the days of Steve McQueen and all the famous split-screening car thrillers Hollywood pumped out like clockwork. Series' protagonist John Tanner has just caught arch-villain, Jericho, who manages to escape from police clutches as he is being escorted to jail. Tanner takes chase, and what follows is a wonderfully cut, breathless chase through San Fransisco back-alleys and roads.

As you can see, Ubisoft Reflections is putting an emphasis on story, here. Tanner, his cohorts and Jericho are given ample screen-time in the two odd minutes or so, before a few scenes of actual gameplay are spliced in for good measure. It's difficult to get a grasp on just how Driver: San Fransisco will play - the trailer doesn't even allude to Tanner's eventual astral projection-esque abilities - but so far it's looking like a messy, meaty racer with decent visuals and solid physics.

And if we are to believe the game's creative director, Martin Edmondson, Driver: San Fransisco was quite the dice-roll for Ubisoft, who were at first reticent of starting work on the game at all. Edmondson, who was at first brought in to consult on vehicle handling - having been at the helm of previous Driver games and the Reflection studio - eventually climbed the ranks to creative director. [Eurogamer]

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