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Peggle 2 Trailers Offer Extreme Fever & Extreme Familiarity

Jonathan Lester
EA, Peggle 2, PopCap

Peggle 2 Trailers Offer Extreme Fever & Extreme Familiarity

You shouldn't fix what ain't broken, and PopCap are definitely taking that mantra to heart with Peggle 2. As you can see by way of these three new trailers, it's very much business as usual, while two new masters provide fairly subtle new abilities.

Which is probably going to be absolutely fine, because Peggle is the cool soothing prescription for the most extreme of fevers. We've got the three videos for the Xbox One timed-exclusive below.

Master Luna

As far as I can tell, Luna can render blue pegs insubstantial for a limited time, giving you a clear shot at the all-important orange targets.

Master Berg

By the looks of things, Berg's unique ability is waving his bare behind about like nobody's business.

Master Bjorn

Hello again, Bjorn.

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Late  Oct. 10, 2013 at 13:30

Any truth to the rumours Berg only does his naked twerk if Kinnect sees you're doing it yourself?


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