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From Australian Ultraviolence to 360 Monster Hunter - News Roundup 25th February 2010

Jonathan Lester
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Wii to Release Ultraviolent Triple Pack... Down Under?!

From Australian Ultraviolence to 360 Monster Hunter - News Roundup 25th February 2010

The Wii has suffered constant flak from all sides thanks to its lack of 'mature' gaming titles. However, Nintendo are keen to hit back at its critics by releasing a triple pack of its most explicit titles in a triple pack of bloodsoaked, gory goodness. "Welcome To Violence" will feature House of the Dead: Overkill, Madworld and The Conduit in a single collection retailing for the price of a single game.

Sure, we can all live without The Conduit; but HOTD: Overkill is a wonderful blend of grindhouse cinema and classic lightgun action that shouldn't be missed. Not to mention that Madworld is a groovy little title that's reminiscent of Frank Miller's Sin City, but with extra chainsaw slaughter thrown in for good measure.

Exciting news- right? Wrong. The Violence Triple Pack has only been confirmed for Australian audiences.

This is a bizarre turn of events considering the controversial zero tolerance policy down under. It's still unclear as to whether we'll be seeing the triple pack on British shores. [Kotaku]

Monster Hunter with Xbox Keyboard to hit Japanese 360s

From Australian Ultraviolence to 360 Monster Hunter - News Roundup 25th February 2010

Monster Hunter is one of Capcom's most beloved Japanese IPs, and has shifted thousands of PSPs since the release of Monster Hunter Freedom. In an interesting turn of events, the previously exclusive Sony franchise has defected to Japanese 360s to launch a port of the PC online RPG Monster Hunter Frontier that will make its debut in June 2010. This may well attract the attention of gamers from the land of the rising sun who have been giving the Xbox 360 a hard time (and weak sales) since day one.

So, as hardcore UK gamers, why should you care? Here's why. Apart from the fact that Monster Hunter is great fun (and may be released here depending on its initial success), Capcom will also be selling a 360-compatible wireless keyboard with the new game in order to communicate properly in  the online environment. A few third party keyboards work with Microsoft's console on a very basic level, but the integration of a licensed keyboard peripheral directly into the game experience could well revolutionise the 360 in terms of interaction with RTS, RPG and shooter titles. More than Natal will, even.

It'd be great if a USB mouse makes an appearance down the line, but maybe that's too much to ask. At least a fully-endorsed wireless keyboard is a step in the right direction. [1up]

Best. Peripheral. EVER.

We hate to end our news roundup with a 'soft' story, but this is a thing that we want. We covet this. And so do you.

From Australian Ultraviolence to 360 Monster Hunter - News Roundup 25th February 2010

Avid modder Jack Rossi has built the Wii controllers into a 'fully working' and realistic proton pack. The 'particle accelerator' incorporates the Wiimote and nunchuck peripherals, and the pack itself visually displays the amount of battery power remaining. What's more, the sound effects from the film and game are played and amplified through the Proton Pack when you fire the beam. Just don't cross the streams!

Disclaimer: Will not catch actual ghosts. Call a licesnsed exorcist in case of poltergeists.

[Who you're gonna call: GossipGamers]

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Gunn  Feb. 25, 2010 at 11:11

And how much will this keyboard be? MS are hardly fair on their prices

Jonathan Lester  Feb. 25, 2010 at 17:55

1up say that it'll retail for 1050 yen on top of the game, which works out as roughly £7.70. Seems kinda cheap- I'd be interested to see whether it has the quality to match.

We still don't know if it'll sell over here- though certain wireless keyboards do work in a limited way with the 360 (which makes writing messages a lot easier).

Gunn  Feb. 26, 2010 at 08:36

Well as we know translating foreign currency doesn't quite work it, it's more like to be near the £20. Ideally you could just plug in your own.

Jonathan Lester  Feb. 26, 2010 at 15:57

No kidding.

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