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PES 2014: No Spanish Stadia, Some Spanish Teams Missing, Rain Absent Too

Matt Gardner
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PES 2014: No Spanish Stadia, Some Spanish Teams Missing, Rain Absent Too

Konami have confirmed that due to "aggressive licencing" on the part of EA, there won't be Spanish stadia in PES 2014, and a few official Spanish teams will be missing.

Precipitation will be pretty absent too.

Here's the official line from  the dev team on the rain situation:

Rain has not been implemented for 2014 as we had to overhaul the whole game and build it from scratch. While implementing rainy weather itself is fairly feasible, we need to think through of how its effect shows through in gameplay. This includes the pitch becoming slippery, ball bouncing, some elements to make the team used to that climate somewhat more power in terms of balance.

We are going to try further this year to get the elements sorted and have them implemented for 2015.

As for the kits getting dirty, this triggers on multiple requirements, often to do with the player contacting the ground.

Elsewhere, it seems that EA pinched nearly every licence imaginable, and did it late so the devs have had no time to supplement the nixed stadia.

"EA have been extremely aggressive with signing deals with clubs and leagues this year, and it has meant we can't implement major European stadiums, including NO Spanish stadiums," wrote PES community manager Adam Bhatti on the Winning Eleven blog. "People were getting worried when they announced exclusive deals with Spanish teams. Well it turned out it meant we couldn't implement their stadium, amongst others.

"This news came pretty late to us. Which is where a time issue came in, meaning we didn't have time to rebuild other stadiums to replace them. PES 2014 will ship with roughly 20 stadiums.

"Adding to the licensing woah [sic], Stadium editor has been removed. This, personally, is the biggest hit. I can't go into it, but this in particular has made the team realise more than ever about acquiring licensing, and we're determined to fight back in this regard next year. If things are removed from edit mode because of licensing each year, it would rip out the soul of PES, and we must not let that happen.

"Finally, and less impacting, Teams in Other European League has seen a slight drop in numbers across certain countries. Again (hate to keep saying it) license lockout. Nothing too major, but I'm awaiting final team lists from teams qualifying for Europe before we finalise it."

But, as any PES fan will tell you, we don't play it for the licences. PES has always been more about the art of football itself rather than the shiny Sky Sports-esque spectacle that FIFA presents. As for the rain, one wonders if they could have leveraged some cloud power.




I'm so sorry.

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stevenjameshyde  Aug. 29, 2013 at 17:12

I do like the phrase "licensing woah". As if they saw how much EA had spent, and could muster nothing but a Bill & Ted impersonation in response

X10  Aug. 29, 2013 at 17:44

I'm so sorry.

Yes, apologise Matt, more apology needed.

MattGardner  Aug. 29, 2013 at 17:46


MattyPlant  Aug. 30, 2013 at 10:24

Any PES fan will know its about the game, So what i have to play as West Midlands Village, i dont care, its just so much better than FIFA.

Lets face it there are around 30 identical goals in FIFA, you just dont do it in pes, Unless of course you're a manual shot master ;)

Anyone with a brain has also heard about PESEDIT for PC and PESGaming for consoles, a few clicks and you have a game that looks as good as FIFA and plays better!

I for one cannot wait, the image files leaked in 2014 for kits etc are huge! Aas a PC Gamer, i cannot wait to see what tinkers happen, BTW its always sunny when you play PES =D

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