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Phantasy Star Online 2 Gameplay Trailer Showcases Slick Combat

Jonathan Lester
Games news, MMORPG, Phantasy Star Online 2, Sega

SEGA has released a new gameplay trailer for Phantasy Star Online 2, the next-gen sequel to the beloved Dreamcast MMORPG that was announced at last year's Tokyo Game Show. As you can see, the clunky combat of the original game has been brought up to date with fluid attacks, fast movement, juggling combos and the ability to jump (which, trust me, is a big deal if you've ever played the original). Each class will offer different weapon and spell/technique combinations, and like the original, we can expect to grind through a fair few forests. The trailer represents PC footage, which is the only platform announced so far.

No sign of any Mags, though (companion robots that evolve and offer players bonuses when fed combinations of items). Considering that they were a key addictive draw, we fervently hope that they'll make a welcome return.

An alpha test will be taking place this summer, so don't expect a western release any time soon (though we assume that a console announcement is only a matter of time). Naturally we'll follow its progress and keep you up to date.

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A7X MARINE  Apr. 26, 2011 at 08:45

That was just part of a video shown at a 2 hour phantasy star conference along with phantasy star portable 2 infinity and it was confirmed during this event that this game will only be released for PC and no other consoles.


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