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Pipe Mania £5 @ Ministry of Deals [PSP Games]

Matt Gardner
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Pipe Mania £5 @ Ministry of Deals [PSP Games]

The thing I like about puzzle games is that they don't seem to age anywhere near as fast as any other gaming genre. Take Pipe Mania, for example, it's a portable remake of the 1991 classic with little more than a graphical overhaul and an abundance of levels to keep you occupied, and it's managed to soak up several train journeys' worth of my time.

If you fancy grabbing yourself a piece of portable plumbing action then be sure to check out the clearance sale at Ministry of Deals, as they're selling off the rest of their stock for just £5. There are still a few marketplace merchants selling the game (all of the big names have run out of stock), but even then you'll be saving yourself nearly £3, as the closest competitor is GamesHeaven at £7.94.

Pipe Mania has been around for over two decades since its Amiga debut in 1989: you're presented with a grid of assorted, jumbled-up pipes, and you have to arrange them into a free-flowing waterway before the cylindrical mess starts leaking fluid, or goo. It's a simple premise for a puzzle game, but one that is perfectly suited to the PSP, or an iPhone.

The game has received an update, although the original is included here as one of the five game modes available at the start. Shiny new graphics are just the start of it, and as you progress through the games varying themes and levels the surroundings will change, there'll be new bits of pipe lobbed into the mix as you toil away, and an assortment of characters will pop up to challenge your plumbing skills . Aside from this sort-of-Story Mode, there an all-new two player head-to-head option to enjoy too.

To be honest, if you can pick this up for your shiny new symbian mobile toy then that might be your best bet, but for £5 this is a sterling slice of puzzling fun, with plenty of added nostalgia value. You might be able to play the odd free emulation on the net, but enough has been done here, both in terms of presentation and additional gameplay, to make this a worthy addition to your PSP's stable, particularly at this price.

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