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Pirate MMO Kartuga Cancelled

Jonathan Lester
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Pirate MMO Kartuga Cancelled

Following years of development and a closed beta, pirate-themed browser MMO Kartuga has been cancelled by InnoGames. Developer Ticking Bomb Games has been closed, and its employees will need to reapply for positions at InnoGames.

In a press release sent to us this morning, InnoGames explained that Kartuga was "unable to fulfill high expectations during its recent closed beta," and no longer fit into their philosophy of creating cross-platform For the record, it was shaping up quite nicely as a massively multiplayer MOBA with structured PvP and a PvE open world.

“It wasn’t an easy step for us," InnoGames CEO Hendrik Klindworth reasoned. "During the recent months, Ticking Bomb Games and InnoGames have worked hard on the game. Together with Ticking Bomb Games we have come to an agreement: the priority was to have an organized schedule for the studio’s closure, to keep the employees’ needs in mind, and offer as many of them a position at InnoGames as possible – all those things we’ve managed together.”

“Kartuga had a lot of potential, the exciting setting and high-quality graphics stood out especially, but the closed beta and player feedback showed that it wouldn’t fit the companies’ goals for the future. Now InnoGames can focus even more on cross-platform projects currently in development in-house,” Klindworth continued. Two new titles will be announced later this year.

Klindworth reasoned: “Thanks to the partnership with Ticking Bomb Games, we’ve learned a lot we can apply to future projects. It also strengthened our dedication towards cross-platform-titles, which are playable on a number of internet-based devices, as the future of InnoGames.”

You can read our Kartuga hands-on preview to see what could have been. I'll reach out for comment.

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Late  Jul. 17, 2013 at 10:42

Shame - looked a very promising game. I don't do pc (or browser) gaming, but I was still keen on it - and had it in mind that we might even see it cross over to console at some point.

Hope all the employees get rehired - at Innogames or elsewhere. Despite the Kartuga project failing I imagine having it on their CV won't do them any harm.


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