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Pitchford Explains Aliens: Colonial Marines Delay, Original's Actors Confirmed

Matt Gardner
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Aliens: Colonial Marines

Pitchford Explains Aliens: Colonial Marines Delay, Original's Actors Confirmed

Randy Pitchford has explained the reasoning behind the delays that have pushed Aliens: Colonial Marines back this year, noting that he's wanted to fulfil the studio's vision for the game over any pressing need to meet deadlines, acknowledging though that there have been inflexible development aims along the way.

“From the development side, we always think about the scope of what we want to achieve, the time we believe it will take to accomplish what we want to achieve and the cost of what it is going to take to get there," said Pitchford, chatting to OPM. "We typically pick one of these points as inflexible, knowing that the other points must be flexible in order to make it work.”

“In our case, we’re committed to our vision for this Aliens game and so we’ve approached progress more in terms of the order of operations rather than from the point of view of focusing on the deadlines for each phase of development.”

Pitchford, possibly considering that the last game Gearbox shipped was the long-awaited Duke Nukem Forever, did concede that even speculative release dates can lead to distinct public expectation.

“However, even with this approach guesses about schedule are made.  When the public promise is made regarding a project, it’s impossible to escape some answer being assumed or pencilled in for when the promise will be realized.  It’s navigating all of these influences that is foundational to our challenge.”

Pitch ford would not be drawn on actor specifics, but he did say that "several of the cast members from the original films have been involved." IMDB has listed a couple of credits, though, with Lance “Bishop” Hendricksen and William “Gorman” Hope are apparently confirmed as voicing “Rook” and “Cmdr. T. Shannon” respectively.

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