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Plain Sight 80% Off - £1.60 @ Steam [PC Games]

Matt Gardner
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Plain Sight 80% Off - £1.60 @ Steam [PC Games]

Now this more like it. Steam have recently gotten into the habit of updating their Midweek Madness deals with excellent cut-prices on indie games. This is what we want to see! This week?...Beatnik's multiplayer action fest involving a bunch of suicidal ninja robots is down by 80% to just £1.60 with the four-pack multiplayer bundle, the only way to really play the game is to get stuck in with other people, hovering around down at £4.80.

The premise for this curious little game is simple: you are a robot ninja facing a whole bunch of other robot ninjas. Your goal is to wade into battle, skimming through space, hopping from planetoid to planetoid, eliminating your fellow robots and stealing their precious energy points before blowing yourself up to 'bank' these points and take out as many bystanders as possible. After this you can deck yourself out with some pimped upgrades and respawn for more frantic fun.

Sound fun? It is. As with all such multiplayer titles, its main strength lies in cultivating an atmosphere of near-chaos in the twisting levels that happily fart in gravity's general direction. But this doesn't take anything away from the player, the controls being responsive intuitive and accessible. Within minutes you'll be zipping around as part of the general mayhem, desperately trying not to get shot or sliced before you have the chance to execute yourself...along with three others.

I've seen ice creams more expensive than this...if you like blowing off a little bit of steam (not pun intended) with a few mates after a long day and are looking for something a little different, for £1.60 suicidal robot ninjas might just be the way to go.

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