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Planetside 2 Adds Player Studio, Lets Users Create Marketplace Items

Jonathan Lester
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Planetside 2 Adds Player Studio, Lets Users Create Marketplace Items

Planetside 2 now allows players to create and skin their own vanity items to sell in the in-game marketplace for Station Cash.

The newly-unveiled Player Studio encourages users to download sample geometry, get to grips with how items work, and then design their own vanity gear such as helmets, vehicle hood ornaments, camouflage and vehicle canopies using standard third-party tools such as Photoshop. Naturally players can flesh out items with pithy descriptions, and explanations of how they fit into the lore. A style guide is available for each faction, just so you don't end up creating something too ridiculous.

"Selected items will be offered for sale in the SOE Marketplace alongside items created by staff artists, priced in SOE's Station Cash virtual currency," Sony Online Entertainment explains. "Revenue from the sale of these items will be shared back with the creative player."

The FAQ goes into more detail. "SOE's Player Studio program invites players to download sample geometry files for actual in-game objects and through the use of standard third party art tools, learn how to develop, design and personalize items of their own – from re-coloring and re-texturing, to reshaping an item's geometry," it reads. "Once complete, players are encouraged to name and create a description for their item, describe how the item will fit into the game’s ongoing narrative storyline, and submit it to SOE for review and possible inclusion in the SOE Marketplace. If a player-created item is selected for inclusion in the SOE Marketplace, SOE will share 40% of the net amount it receives from the sale of the item with the player that created the item."

The Player Studio is currently only available for US players, but will be gradually rolled out to other territories. Interestingly, it has also been confirmed for the PS4 version.

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