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PlanetSide 2 & DC Universe Online Confirmed for PlayStation 4

Carl Phillips
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Free To Play MMOs To Appear On Next-Gen Console

It was hinted at in several tweets in recent months, but now we have been officially told that Free-To-Play MMOFPS PlanetSide 2 will be making its way onto the PlayStation 4. More news will be coming at Sony’s E3 press conference, but for now we’ve been given yet another kick-ass trailer to marvel over, which you can see above. In addition to this, superhero MMO DC Universe Online will also be making the transition to the upcoming console, whilst support for the PS3 and PC versions will continue

SOE President John Smedley took to Twitter immediately after the announcements to voice his excitement, stating that it was “an MMO maker’s dream.” However, any optimism (or fear, depending on your viewpoint) of cross-platform servers for PlanetSide 2 were thrown into doubt when Smedley declared such a move as “unlikely,” although DCUO players would almost certainly play together regardless of the platform. PC players of Planetside 2 won’t be left out with nothing from the news, as Smedley confirmed that work on the PS4 version would “yield a faster PC version… much better at multicore support.”

In our 9/10 review, we felt that PlanetSide 2 “provides the largest, the most intense, and arguably exciting FPS experience available on the market today,” and all without having to pay a penny. Game Updates have improved matters greatly, with an improved UI and training area to test weapons. If you fancy seeing the game in action you can check out our episodes of Dealspwn Playthrough here and here (you can also expect myself and Jon to revisit it in a future episode very soon.) If you fancy giving it a go on your PC, you can visit the official website to learn how.

DC Universe Online wasn’t as well received upon its release, but it does continue to have a loyal community that has grown since its turn to the Free-To-Play model. Creating their own superhero (or villain) and being mentored by some of the comic franchise’s recognisable characters, players are tasked with cleaning up the DC universe from a perilous threat. You can learn more by visiting the official website. You can watch the announcement trailer for DCUO below.

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