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Planetside 2 Expands Into Esamir

Jonathan Lester
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Planetside 2 Expands Into Esamir

Cold Shoulder

Planetside 2, the upcoming free-to-play MMOFPS from Sony Online Entertainment, will be rolling out a new continent to battle for this weekend. Esamir is a cold and frosty place, all ice flows and snowy plains, a potentially perfect canvas for massed vehicular battles and desperate defensive measures. We've got a trailer and details below.

"On Esamir, base capture methods will be adjusted — strategize accordingly. Shield generators won’t be disabled as easily, so expect to run an overload process to secure victory. Additionally, soldiers will have new certifications to handle vehicles and weapons better, along with new sidegrades (LMGs, Carbines, Assault/Sniper Rifles) for each empire."

Planetside 2 is currently in closed beta and slated to fully release before 2013.

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Jacob_Kreed  Oct. 6, 2012 at 12:54

If Sony would simply port this over to PS3, Planetside really gives Halo Multiplayer and Call of Duty a kick. 3000 players on one map alone, tens of thousands of player battling....

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