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Planetside 2 Getting Player-Generated Missions In August

Jonathan Lester
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Planetside 2 Getting Player-Generated Missions In August

Massive free-to-play MMOFPS Planetside 2 will let players create their own faction-wide missions after an August update.

"PlanetSide 2 has always embraced the idea that the core game content is totally player driven, so the mission system just takes that idea a little further," developer JGood explains on the SOE Forums. In exchange for certification points, players can create mission hotspots on the map that are visible to their entire empire, giving other players a good reason to join the offensive and incentivising tactical teamwork.

The post provides an example mission, which encourages skilled pilots and Sunderer APC drivers to rush an objective.

  • Air Strikes at location
    • XP bonus to ground kills/assists while in aircraft at this location.
    • Greatly increased gunner XP bonus (for Lib Pilots)
    • Greatly increased XP bonus for Sunderer kills.
  • Deployment to location
    • Large XP increase to deploy-bonuses.
    • Large XP increase to AMS spawn bonuses.
    • XP bonus for repairs to any deployment vehicle (Galaxy & Sunderer)
    • XP bonus to squad-deploy bonuses
    • Increased weight on Instant-action values

Going forward, these missions will likely be a key way of marshalling the huge yet messy player base into functional armies without the need for platoons, or to receive assistance with a particularly tough objective. Having seen my fair share of assaults and defences crumble due to a lack of allied support, being able to create honeypots with XP bonuses will be an absolute godsend.

In case you don't know, Planetside 2 allows you to join truly enormous ground and air battles with thousands of other players in enormous continent-sized maps, for the bargain price of absolutely nothing. You, erm, really should be playing it. And join the Terran Republic. Not that I'm biased or anything.

Planetside 2 will also be available on PS4, and playable without a PlayStation Plus subscription.

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