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Planetside 2 Rolls Out, Promises "The Future Of War"

Jonathan Lester
MMO, MMOFPS, PC games, Planetside 2, Sony Online Entertainment

Launch Successful Despite European Teething Troubles

Planetside 2, the free-to-play MMOFPS featuring enormous three-way battles between massed infantry, ground vehicles and aircraft, has now left beta and is available to download. Carl's recent Dealspwn Playthrough videos suggest that it's poised to set a new standard for F2P gaming, but since last night's launch, many European players are reporting issues with the client.

Though many players are currently getting stuck into the massive sprawling maps, a large number of European players - myself included - find that the European launcher crashes after accepting the EULA. This issue has been reported to ProSiebenSat.1, who runs the European servers, but so far no fix has been found.

It's likely that this is just due to the massive strain on the update servers and will normalise over the next couple of days. If you registered for the beta, I believe that you can use the US client.

Carl will be bringing us a review (and video coverage) live from the front lines soon.

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