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Platformines: The Trial Of Doom Demo Out Now

Jonathan Lester
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Big Push For Steam Greenlight

A new demo is available for Platformines: the procedurally-generated action platformer that plays out like a mash-up between Borderlands, Metal Slug and Spelunky.

"Metal snakes, achievements, bazookas, a unique hidden rare gem, new musics, in-game stats, are a few of the exciting things we added in this demo," Magiko Games informed us. "Players will easily spend a few hours just trying to get all the achievements. And since the worlds are seed based, you can play it all over again with a totally new configuration." Go get it.

If you like it, go vote on Steam Greenlight. We've got some extended gameplay impressions if you need them.

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MagikoGaming  Dec. 7, 2012 at 18:49

Thanks for the article ;)
The "Go get it" link is broken. It should be http://www.platformines.com


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