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Platinum: Bayonetta 2 Tweet A Joke

Matt Gardner
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Platinum: Bayonetta 2 Tweet A Joke

Vigilant Twitter users may noticed a tweet yesterday from Hideki Kamiya in response to a fan asking about news on a rumoured sequel to the delicious action-fest that was Bayonetta in which the designer cryptically said 'This week... in a game magazine'. However, producer Atsushi Inaba has responded in kind to the rumours and whispers flying all over the intertubes to say that 'there is no such announcement!'. Inaba also warned that Kamiya's tweets really shouldn't be trusted as he likes to 'push the limit' when it comes to joking about games.

SEGA did confirm last year that they'd be publishing another Platinum title, and Anarchy Reigns is already well on the way, but could we see a return for the exhibitionist witch? The original, although difficult to explain to girlfirends and mothers exactly why the central protagonist was suddenly nude and attacking angels with her hair, had possibly the finest combat system ever seen and was a hit with critics and hardore gamers alike. A return would be most welcome indeed.

As would an HD sequel to Infinite Space, please. Just saying. [Andriasang]

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Late  Sep. 1, 2011 at 10:15

Never did finish Bayonetta. Did it all make sense in the end? I suspect not.

Hadn't a clue what was happening, except I was a semi-naked Liz Hurley clone - which is almost good enough, tbh.


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