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Platinum Bigwigs Discuss The Wonderful 101's Length

Matt Gardner
Atsushi Inaba, Game length, Hideki Kamiya, Platinum Games, The Wonderful 101
The Wonderful 101

Platinum Bigwigs Discuss The Wonderful 101's Length

We're eagerly looking forward to The Wonderful 101, although that has about as much to do with the fact that it'll be an actual, real, new Wii U game as our high expectations from hands-on with the thing, but players who crave an experience that'll last days and weeks might find themselves disappointed according to Platinum's Hideki Kamiya.

Kamiya, who's well known for being a rather outspoken Tweeter, stated on the microblogging site that "If you hate to finish a game the next day [after] you buy it, you better not play TW101. I focus on how it is fun, not how long it lasts till the ending."

Well said that man! Indeed, Kamiya is not the only developer in the business who prides himself on quality over quantity. Nonetheless, a few fans clearly got their undergarments in a twist, because Platinum's Atsushi Inaba rather quickly leapt onto Twitter as well to put out a few little fires. We've collated a whole bunch of his tweets into the paragraphs below:

"So it looks like @PG_Kamiya has caused another bit of controversy," said Inaba.

"What he is saying is his basic approach to how he creates an action game. The idea is rooted in that you shouldn’t pad your game with content users won’t enjoy in order to control play time to the end of the game. It isn’t something he wants to do, or thinks you should do.

"BTW, if you didn’t know @PG_Kamiya is the kind of game director who will pack as much content into the game as he can until he is satisfied. If we were to give in to all of his desires, the game we’d ship would probably be some super-long action game that no one would beat. I’ve been teamed up with @PG_Kamiya as his producer for a long time now, and game length is something I’ve never once worried about. That means both the length of a single play-through and the replayability of the game. Never worried once. Never. Actually, my job really is to be the one who says 'This is too %^&* long! Cut it!'

"Of course, even though @pg_kamiya didn’t intend for people to jump to their own conclusions, they did. In this case, that conclusion was 'So TW101 is going to be short then?!' Let me make my own conclusion: TW101 will be so much fun you are going to wear out your Wii U GamePad. Actually, the Wii U GamePad is pretty sturdy, so you probably won’t wear it out…

"And I’m sorry I can’t explain to you in exact terms why I think you will have so much fun with TW101. I promise there will be plenty of news about the game in the days and weeks to come. But I will say this – Everyone here is working incredibly hard to make sure you say two things about TW101. One: I’m happy I bought a Wii U! — Two: I’m happy I bought The Wonderful 101!"

An arbitrary number about the length of hours it took a handful of people to play through a game once is about as useful a measuring tool of quality as an endorsement by Randy Pitchford these days [Yes, we're still bitter about Aliens - Ed.]. We love you Platinum, just keep making awesome games. The length will sort itself out. [via Siliconera]

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