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Play Battlefield 4 FREE for one week

Matt Gardner
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Play Battlefield 4 FREE for one week

But you need to download it before August 14th

Origin Game Time is returning, and you can download Battlefield 4 for this week for absolutely nothing and play away to your heart's content for a full week from when you fire the game up for the first time.

Origin users can download Battlefield 4 at no cost whatsoever up until August 14th, but once you launch the game for the first time, a timer starts counting down 168 hours in real-time. Once the timer expires, the free trial ends, but if you choose to purchase the game after that, all of your progress will carry over into the full version.

Battlefield 4 is a cracking game... when it works. It's much more stable than it was at launch, although my PC absolutely hates running it, and BF4 crashes regularly whenever I try to fire up a game. Jon and Carl, however, have been experiencing lovely smooth running of late for the most part, and there'll be a Game Night vid next week checking out some of the new maps in the Dragon's Teeth expansion.

Download Battlefield 4 for free right here.

It's worth noting too that Kingdoms of Amalur is available to trial at the moment as well, though you'll only get 48 hours (real-time) with that one rather than the full week. Still, it's a pretty good initiative. Now, if only EA can sort out their digital pricing.


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lhall232  Nov. 15, 2014 at 05:47


lhall232  Nov. 15, 2014 at 05:47

best game ever made


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