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Play As Catwoman In Batman: Arkham City

Felix Kemp
Games news

Play As Catwoman In Batman: Arkham City

It's official; co-op in Batman: Arkham City exists. But it's not the oft-rumored Robin; it's Catwoman. Yes, you'll get your hands on the leather-clad feline thief - steady, lads - come October of this year. Sporting her trademark whip which doubles up as an offensive and traversal feature and accounting for around 10% of the entire game itself, according to Rocksteady, Selina Kyle is on a mission to retrieve a stash of stolen goods recovered by Gotham police.

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Late  Jun. 2, 2011 at 08:14

Daaamn she looking fine! Even sexier, dare I say, than her incarnation in Lego Batman - and I think we all agree that's one of the sexiest characters in video game history...
(Just me? Oh...)

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