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Play At A Distance At Eurogamer Expo 2011!

Jonathan Lester
At A Distance, Eurogamer Expo 2011, Indie Games, Terry Cavanagh

Play At A Distance At Eurogamer Expo 2011!

Going To EGE? Hit The Indie Arcade!

This isn't a suggestion. It's a demand - a plea for you to throw off your preconceptions and explore one of the finest experimental gaming experiences if you're planning on hitting the Eurogamer Expo this weekend. Snuggled in the centre of the Indie Arcade (which is worth loitering around thanks to an outstanding lineup) lies an exceptional project from Terry Cavanagh, the creator of smash hit VVVVVV. It's a piece of interactive art that's frankly unlike anything you'll ever play.

The game itself is called At A Distance... and that's all I can tell you. Knowing anything about it will utterly destroy the entire point of the proceedings - and though I'll be reviewing it shortly, I'd urge you not to read it.

Skyrim, Battlefield 3 and the Playstation Vita are all worth playing... but they'll all be with us in a couple of months. At A Distance will probably never see a retail release - so just go and play it. Be sure to hit up the other indies if you have time!

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hurrakan  Sep. 23, 2011 at 17:13

I'm going. Are Dealspawn going?

I don't like Eurogamer - but I like them a lot more than I like Game (I decided not to go to GAMEfest).

I'm worried that I wont even be able to play all of the big games I want to see, let alone the indie ones. But I will try! Gonna work out a priority list tonight.

JonLester  Sep. 23, 2011 at 17:52

Make sure you take in the big Christmas/2012 releases nice and early. The queues will only get bigger, though they sometimes slack off around late lunchtime or in the hour before closing.

The Indie arcade is a great place to hang out once you've taken in a few of your most anticipated games, but it's well worth a visit if you can.

We've already hit EGE over the last couple of days and desperately need to grind out some coverage, but we'll keep you posted if any of our number are making the trip this weekend. Have a great time, guys!

Last edited by JonLester, Sep. 23, 2011 at 17:58
Jerec  Sep. 23, 2011 at 21:56

I'm there tomorrow, Skyrim and Dark Souls for me with a side of Vita!


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