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Let's Play... Eidolon | Grizzlies and Gangrene

Matt Gardner
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Let's Play... Eidolon | Grizzlies and Gangrene

Eidolon is massive.

Dropping you with absolutely no context into a huge forest with no idea where you are or what you're doing, it's safe to say that the hand-holding tendencies of many modern games are thrown out of the window with this one. As a player in this verdant, lonely environment, it's up to you to pick your way across the landscape, dredging up context and clues, and discovering why there's not another soul to be found.

Like most of our Let's Play, the video after the jump shows off my first experiences with the game, going with little knowledge beyond that which the game delivers. It's a game that's played at a very slow pace, one that requires patience and perseverance, and at the time of writing (having played more of it since I made this video yesterday), I'm still not sure how well balanced it is. Eidolon has moments of real beauty and a melancholic atmosphere fuelled by the player's isolation in this world. It's not a survival horror in the same vein as the also-singleplayer The Forest, but it has survival elements. An encounter with a bear leads to a rather nasty wound, and there are no obvious antibiotics in a seemingly never-ending forest.

Let's Play... Eidolon | Grizzlies and Gangrene

White, shimmering icons deliver basic survival equipment, while green equivalents serve to shine a light on small pockets of the narrative, filling in the vast blank spaces of story bit by bit. Eidolon asks a lot of its players, and I'm still not sure if it necessarily does enough to warrant all of this slow trudging, but perhaps most crucially, I've been thinking about it a lot over the last couple of days and I want to go back and learn more.

Not just for the purpose of the review, either, and that's always a good sign.

Let's Play... Eidolon | Grizzlies and Gangrene

It needs more time, though, and you can expect a write-up before the week is done. In the meantime, however, here's a little edited look at my first hour with the game.

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