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Let's Play... Jazzpunk | If Gilliam Made Games

Matt Gardner
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Let's Play... Jazzpunk | If Gilliam Made Games

It's important that you see and understand what Jazzpunk is before my review arrives later today, and it's not a game that's easily reduced to mere words. Ostensibly a spy-spoof adventure game with a emphasis on player curiosity and exploration (much like The Stanley Parable in that regard), Jazzpunk is a comedy-stuffed slice of anarchy that takes much from the films of Zucker, Zucker, and Abraham, peppering the player constantly with outlandish non-sequiturs, witty stabs of dialogue, and a litany of parodying references. All the while conducting its business with a perfectly straight face.

In many ways, it makes me think of what might happen if you stuck Hot Shots: Part Deux into a blender with Terry Gilliam's mind , cel-shaded the results and turned what was left into a Saturday morning cartoon.

Let's Play... Jazzpunk | If Gilliam Made Games

See... I'm losing the plot already. It's much better if I simply show you. So here's half an hour of Jazzpunk gameplay.

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